As Women Over 60 We’ve Seen A Thing or Two. My Story Is Below.

My Story

Hi! I’m Schall

My journey through life has been marked by joy, grief, resilience, and a passion for personal development. And the sea. I love the sea.

In 2012, I experienced the most devastating and unimaginable loss when my son Levi transitioned back to spirit. Despite the ever-present heartache, I carry Levi’s memory with me each day, finding strength and inspiration in the enduring connection we share. 

I’ve been happily married to my husband Dave for 19 years and I have a wonderful step-daughter and 4 grandchildren.

Professionally, I’ve been a blues singer since my teens and now at the age of 64, I’ve embarked on a new musical adventure, learning to play the saxophone! 

I’ve also had the entrepreneurial spirit since I was a teenager, all centered around the themes of healthy living and personal development.

I created this lifestyle blog to make a place for women over 60 who want to live beyond societal norms. This platform serves as a beacon of inspiration and collaboration, encouraging women to design their lives deliberately.

There’s no reason that aging should stop us from living active, vibrant, and abundant lives – 60 and beyond.