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When I lost my son Levi in June of 2012, I knew the answers to my pain and grief would be spiritual. I began immediately looking for ways to connect with him, communicate with him, and most of all to find a way to continue our relationship. I had only dabbled in spirituality at that time, and have never really had a religion. Still, I knew it was possible because I knew he hadn't just ceased to exist. 

As our story of connection, communication, and relationship grew, I had a spiritually transformative experience. It didn’t come in some spiritual flash of lightning. One day I just became aware that I knew it was all true. Every sign, every communication, had been consciously sent by Levi. We were communicating and we were actively involved in each other’s existence.

 Communication with a loved one on the other side is a spiritually transformative experience that has the power to shift not only the way we experience grief, but also the way we will live the rest of our lives.

It changed my experience of grief and it changed the way I’m experiencing this life. I began to have a sense of joy for the life my son has in his true home. I was lifted from the depths of grief into a new experience of it. My sadness now is more like missing someone who has moved far away. I know he still lives in the same universe as me and this has incredible power. He lives in pure love now and has communicated that he is experiencing happiness beyond anything we experience in our physical life. Isn’t that all we want for our loved ones, whether they live in the physical world or the spiritual?

I have developed the Soul to Soul Grief Transformation Practice© from my own experience of transformation to help guide you from feeling devastated with grief over the loss of your loved one, to reconnecting with them spiritually, then releasing them to continue their soul’s journey with complete and total unconditional love so that you can create space for healing and happiness. 

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