A little about me.

I am spirit mom to Levi, partner to Dave, S’Mom to Shamar, Glamma of 4 beautiful grandchildren, an international traveler living abroad, ocean and beach lover, carnivore, progressive dem, and serial builder of all things online.

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And here’s a few fun facts about me 😉


I’m a professional blues singer.

I’ve been performing since I was 17. In 2013 my band competed at the International Blues Competition in Memphis. This shot is from a super fun outdoor show in Reno, NV.

Tea is for spillin’ girlfriend!
I love the bitter bean!!

Give me lattes any day, every day, all day! Fun fact: My husband hated coffee his entire life. In 2017 he tried coffee without sugar in it (the way I drink it now) and loved it! He’s now my coffee buddy. YAY!

Black Ceramic Cup With Brown Liquid With Heart-shape on Black Ceramic Saucer
don’t judge!
I’m a Squatcher.

I love me some BIGFOOT! Ever since I was 8 years old and saw the Patterson-Gimlin Film I’ve been hooked. If I ever see one, I’ll be sure to snap a selfie!

Here’s why I do what I do

I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to create an online side hustle or even something they can turn into their main gig, regardless of their current situation.

Having limited resources is no longer a barrier to entry. Let me show you how to put your own biz online using free & low-cost tools and applications.

Whether you’re just getting started or you already have a biz…

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