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When I lost my son Levi in June of 2012, I knew the answers to my pain and grief would be spiritual. I began immediately looking for ways to connect with him, communicate with him, and most of all to find a way to continue our relationship.

As our story of connection, communication, and relationship grew, I had a spiritually transformative experience. One day I just became aware that I knew it was all true. Every sign, every communication, had been consciously sent by Levi. We were communicating and we were actively involved in each other’s existence.

This 9 week course with 4 spiritual healers will guide you to build your own spiritual practice so that you can go from feeling utterly devastated with grief over the loss of your child, to reconnecting with them spiritually and releasing them to their soul’s journey with complete and total unconditional love, so that you can create space for healing and happiness.

Three steps to transforming grief in a lasting, spiritually connected way.

Reconnect With Your Child On The Other Side.

For many of us moms who have lost a child, the most powerful driving force is to find where they went and to reconnect with them. Not only is it possible to reconnect with your child, but you can still have a relationship with them. Learn how to ask for and receive signs and messages in this powerfully transformative course.

Release Your Child To Continue Their Soul's Journey.

Once you have reconnected with your child so deeply that you know without a doubt they continue to exist, you will have a foundation set for being able to release them to continue their soul's journey with complete and total unconditional love. Your world feels a lot better when you realize that your child still lives in the same universe as you.

Create Space For Healing And Happiness.

Once you've released your child to their soul's journey, it's time to focus on your own journey through this incarnation. Feeling the connection you still have with your child makes it easier to create space for healing and happiness. You'll make better decisions about the life you want to live and your child will be cheering you on the whole way!

9 week course starts March 2022 


Special Guest Spiritual Healers

Scott, Holly, and Jude were all part of my personal grief healing journey. I've invited them to participate in this course to help you on your own journey through grief to healing and happiness.

Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble

Scott is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Southern California, specializing in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. For the past 20 years he has dedicated himself to guiding his clients to a deeper understanding of their eternal soul and their current life's mission. He is considered to be one of the premiere Life Between Lives therapists in the world today.

Scott will lead a Past Life & Spirit Guide session designed to help open the door for you to start reconnecting with your loved one.

Holly Riley

Holly is the author of the book, "Allowing". Following a devastating and life-altering experience at a very young age, Holly set out on a quest for spiritual knowledge and understanding. A near-death experience awakened her to the Principles of Allowing that have become her life’s work. Driven by her faith in human transformation and guided by her passion for life, Holly’s effervescent spirit is an inspiration to those who encounter her in person or through her writing.

Holly will lead a session on releasing your loved one to continue their Soul's Journey with unconditional love.

Jude Bodell

Jude is a Healing Touch Shaman, owner of Soul Intention Healing, and founder of LYFE (Love Yourself First Evolution). Her work is grounded in the practices of Andean Shamanism, as well as Healing Touch. Shamanism provided her a path to self-discovery and healing that is practical, yet mystical & spiritual as well.

Jude will lead a session on releasing the trauma of grief and embracing your soul's choice to live this life.

Ongoing Support During and After The Course

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