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Explore The Devastated to Divine Practice

There are three elements in this practice: connect with your child on the other side, release them with unconditional love to continue their soul's journey, and create space for healing and happiness. 

See Below for FREE events where you can explore the Devastated to Divine Practice©. Let's discover if this practice is right for you. 

365 Days of Spiritual Grief Support

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We all have the ability to connect with our children on the other side. The Devastated to Divine Practice© is a unique path to help you move beyond the devastation of grief into divine connection with your child on the other side. 

Join me every Monday night at 9PM Eastern to ask questions and be supported on your grief journey.

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The daily messages are delivered to your inbox and includes a ZOOM MEETING once per month to meet and share with other moms on this journey. Explore the Devastated to Divine Practice© with other moms on this journey.

Devastated to Divine Coaching

The Devastated to Divine Practice© comes from my own experiences over the last 10 years which helped me move past the devastation of grief and into divine connection with my son Levi.

Join me and special guests in this half-day event where you’ll explore this practice in a safe and supportive environment.