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Communication with a loved one on the other side is a spiritually transformative experience that has the power to shift not only the way we experience grief, but also the way we will live the rest of our lives.

In this webinar I share how I went from being utterly devastated with grief after the loss of my son, to feeling completely connected with him, able to release him to his soul’s journey with complete and total unconditional love, so that I could create space for healing and happiness.

Three steps to transforming grief in a lasting, spiritually connected way.

Reconnect With Your Loved One On The Other Side.

For many of us who lose a loved one, the most powerful driving force is to find where they went and to reconnect with them. Not only is it possible to reconnect with your loved one, but you can still have a relationship with them. Learn how to ask for and receive signs and messages from your person on the other side in this powerful webinar.

Release Your Loved One To Their Soul's Journey.

Once you have reconnected with your loved one so deeply that you know without a doubt they continue to exist, you will have the foundation set for being able to release them to their soul's journey with complete and total unconditional love. Your world gets a lot bigger when you accept that your loved one still lives in the same universe as you.

Create Space For Healing And Happiness.

Once you've released your loved one to their soul's journey, it's time to focus on your own journey through this incarnation. Feeling the connection you have with your loved one makes it easier to create space for healing and happiness. You'll make better decisions about the life you want to live and your loved one will be cheering you on the whole way!

~ Ram Dass

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