How to install WordPress on the SiteGround hosting platform.

WordPress is a content management system. It gets installed on your server, or website hosting platform like SiteGround.

The way your WordPress website looks is determined by the theme you choose after WordPress is installed.

Before you start building a new website be sure to save your current website content if you have any.

First get or transfer your domain name:

STEP ONE – Login to SiteGround

Once you have purchased hosting with SiteGround, you will either still be logged in or you’ll need to login.

STEP TWO – Click on Domains

In your dashboard under websites and services your see a button to manage domains. This is where you can either buy a domain name or transfer your current domain name to Siteground.

STEP THREE – Buy a new domain name.

Click on REGISTER DOMAIN to choose a new domain name.

STEP FOUR – Get your new domain name

Type the domain name you would like to use and be sure it comes up as available for registration. If the .com version is not available there will be examples of other extensions. However, I always recommend that you find a domain name where you can use .com

STEP FIVE – Transfer a domain name.


STEP SIX – Check Domain

Type in the domain name that you already own and click CHECK STATUS and confirm it can be moved.

STEP SEVEN – Add your EPP Code from your current domain registrar.

If you don’t know where to find it within your current registrar, use their FAQ or contact them for support.

STEP EIGHT – Check your domain owner details.

Be sure that your domain owner contact information is current. This is a legal must.

STEP NINE – Purchase your domain name or transfer.

Decide if you want to purchase domain privacy which will keep you from receiving a TON of spam about website services from…. spammers. Then confirm to terms and privacy policy, and click purchase.

STEP TEN – Start Your WordPress Installation.

Once you have a domain name you can install WordPress to that domain and start building your online platform. Click on either tab or button listed below to begin.

STEP ELEVEN – Go To Site Tools

Click on the Site Tools button on the domain you are using for this WordPress installation.

STEP TWELVE – Install WordPress

Click on Install & Manage WordPress to begin the installation.

STEP THIRTEEN – Decide Which Installation To Use

You have the option of installing WordPress Or WordPress with WooCommerce. If you plan to use WooCommerce click that button, if you’re still deciding click the WordPress only button. WooCommerce is a plugin you can add later.

STEP FOURTEEN – Setup the application.

Fill out the information requested and click install.

STEP FIFTEEN – Confirmation of installation

SiteGround will display this confirmation when WordPress is installed on your site. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO INSTALL THE KADENCE THEME WITH AI.

STEP SIXTEEN – Future logins to ADMIN Panel

After the initial install, this is how you will login to your dashboard in future sessions. Open a web browser and type in: