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"Take the journey from devastating grief to divine connection with your child."

This journal is born from my own personal experience of connection with my son Levi which led to a spiritually transformative experience that changed my life. The journal is my gift to you as one spirit mom to another. It is a gentle guide to help grieving moms learn to connect with their child on the other side, release them with unconditional love to continue their soul's journey, and to create space for healing and happiness. 

The journal is awesome! For those new on the grief journey, as well as those of us much farther down that road. Thanks Schall.

Jill F.

It is very well written, the photos and how you put the entire book together are both peaceful and beautiful! It was calming and encouraging for me to read!! With your work book, it has given me hope I can reconnect with both of my kiddos. Thank you for sharing with me.

L. Hines

What's inside? Everything I did to move from devastating grief to divine connection with my son, Levi. I share how I communicate with him, how I was able to release him with unconditional love to continue his soul's journey, and how I created space for healing & happiness, and I show you how to develop these practices as well.

~Love to all, Schall

One day I just knew...

Every sign, and every message, had all been sent deliberately by my son Levi. Our children still exist and they know how to reach across the planes of existence.

Communication with our children on the other side is a spiritually transformative experience that has the power to shift not only the way we experience grief, but also the way we will live the rest of our lives.

I am forever grateful for the gift of communication with my son Levi. The Devastated to DivineĀ© Journal was created out of my own experiences and is designed to help support and guide you if you decide to take the journey from devastating grief to divine connection.

You can choose to go through the journal on your own or get extra support through my group and one on one coaching programs. Everyone is different. Some will choose to process this grief alone and others will seek out support. Do what is right for you