Before you start the process of installing the Kadence Theme & AI template, make sure you have completed the steps below:

STEP ONE – Admin Panel

Once WordPress is installed on your hosting platform click on “ADMIN PANEL” to start the process of installing the Kadence theme.

STEP TWO – Exit Wizard

Once you click on “ADMIN PANEL” you will see this screen. Click on EXIT WIZARD. We will bypass the wizard for this installation.

STEP THREE -Find The Theme

In your WordPress dashboard click on “Appearance” then click on Themes.

STEP FOUR – Add New Theme

Click on Add New Theme.

STEP FIVE – Find Kadence

In the search box type in Kadence and then click on SEARCH.

STEP SIX – Install Kadence

When the Kadence theme shows in the window click on install.

STEP SEVEN -Activate Kadence

Once Kadence is installed button will change to ACTIVATE. Click on the button to make it live.

STEP EIGHT – Open Kadence

Ignore the button that says LIVE PREVIEW. Refresh the page and Kance will show up under Appearance on left menu. Click on Kadence.

STEP NINE – Starter Template

Click on Install Kadence Starter Templates

STEP TEN – Activate AI

Click on Activate Kadence AI Starter Templates.

STEP ELEVEN – Choose Free

Click on Continue — Free


This is the opening page to the AI generator. Just click on NEXT button.


In the FREE version you only get copy generated one time. See prompts below:


Fill out the information on this page to help AI create the right starter copy for your website.

STEP FOURTEEN – Keywords & Tone

On your first time through this process, the AI will generate keywords from your about info. You can choose the keywords that are right for you and add in others not listed.

STEP FIFTEEN – Create New Image Gallery

Create a new image gallery. You can make a new one with a name of your choice or choose the My Images gallery option.

STEP SIXTEEN – Add Your Vertical Images

Upload your vertical images into the Featured Images Gallery.

STEP SEVENTEEN -Add Your Horizontal Images

Upload your horizontal images into the Background Images Gallery. Click on the Generate Base Content button.

STEP EIGHTEEN – AI Will Generate Website Templates

Allow AI to generate the website templates with your copy and images. AI will generate a variety of free templates with your images and copy already in.

STEP NINETEEN -Choose Your AI Template

Once the templates have been generated choose the one you like best. You can always edit more later. Use the down arrow to view the whole home page before choosing.

STEP TWENTY – Choose Brand Color

Choose your main branding color. It will show in the template window.

STEP TWENTY ONE -Choose Your Fonts

Choose the font set that suits your style best and then click next.

STEP TWENTY TWO – Choose Pages

AI generates the basic pages you need on your site. These are different for each template. You can always delete or add pages from the dashboard later. Then click Next.

STEP TWENTY THREE – Add Some Plugins

Choose plugins from the AI generated list that are right for you. You can always add or delete any plgins later. Then click Finish and Launch.

STEP TWENTY FOUR- AI Will Install Your Website

Allow AI to go through the process of installing your website.


Once the AI has generated your content click on the See My Site button.

STEP TWENTY SIX- Edit Your Website

After AI creates your starter website you are now able to edit and customize it.

NEXT STEPS – Get Hands-On Help.

Get on the Boostrap Bootcamp waitlist to receive hands-on help with your customization and further functions of your online platform.