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Immerse Yourself In The Spiritual & Scientific Evidence Of The Afterlife.

This guide lists all of the resources I have used over the years. Books, videos, youtube channels, spiritual facilitators, podcasts, organizations, and researchers. 

One day I just knew...

Every sign, and every message, had all been sent deliberately by my son Levi. Our children still exist and they know how to reach across the planes of existence.

Communication with our children on the other side is a spiritually transformative experience that has the power to shift not only the way we experience grief, but also the way we will live the rest of our lives.

I am forever grateful for the gift of communication with my son Levi. The Devastated to DivineĀ© Spiritual Resource Guide will help you take the first step. The same one I took, which was immersion into the spiritual and scientific evidence of the afterlife.