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When I lost my son Levi in June of 2012, I knew the answers to my pain and grief would be spiritual. I began immediately looking for ways to connect with him, communicate with him, and most of all to find a way to continue our relationship.

As our story of connection, communication, and relationship grew, I had a spiritually transformative experience. One day I just gently became aware that I knew it was all true. Every sign, every communication, had been consciously sent by Levi. We were communicating and we were actively involved in each other’s existence.

In this free group session I share my story of how I moved from being utterly devastated with grief after the loss of my son Levi, to feeling completely connected with him, able to release him to continue his soul’s journey with complete and total unconditional love, and how this has created space for healing and happiness.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve the loss of your child. Your journey is yours. But, love is at the center of all the practices I share in this session. I hope this path speaks to you. 

Death does not end your relationship.

Three core practices to transform your grief in a lasting, spiritually connected way.

Connect With Your Child On The Other Side.

We all have the ability to receive signs,  messages, and communication from our children who live in the spirit world.  And, while a medium may help us start this process, we don't actually need one to communicate with our children. Learning how to connect with your child on your own is especially important in understanding that death does not end our relationships.

Release Them With Unconditional Love To Continue Their Soul's Journey.

Once you truly feel connected to your child on the other side, you can begin to release them with unconditional love as a soul. You are better able to release them to continue their soul's journey - and even feel their joy at living in the spirit world. This practice actually brings your closer and helps to validate even further that death does not end our relationships.

Create Space For Healing & Happiness.

Healing and happiness are very touchy subjects for moms who have lost a child. Most of us spend a lot of time not wanting either one. When you have internalized how connected you are to your child, how present they are in your life, you begin to see yourself and your child from a soul level perspective. This is when you begin choosing to live the life your soul chose for you.  This is when you will consciously create space for healing and happiness.

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